Online Advertising

Paid Search

The key to success in PPC

Online advertising is proving to be the most powerful and cost-effective tool to drive traffic to your web site. As your chief marketing officer we provide a strategy so that your company’s  online advertising provides maximum exposure to your  products and services.  If your business caters mainly to online clients then it becomes very important to focus on online advertising as this will increase the traffic on your web site. Online advertising is an effective method for attaining immediate results.  Online advertising can be the text ads you see in search results, display ads, banner ads, and advertisements on relevant websites. While the opportunities are plentiful, we focus on where your target audience is spending time online, your advertising budget and where your business will attain the best results. Online advertising is also appealing to advertisers because with many types of ads, your company is only charged for the number of clicks on your ad, or in the case of large campaigns, for the number of impressions.  This strategy can make online advertising very cost effective and you can control the advertising spend per click, per day and per month.

Benefits of Paid Advertising – also known as paid search

  • Works fast while building results from SEO
  • Never goes over budget
  • Can be turned on and off within hours
  • Advertising can be very tightly targeted